About SaveLocalMusic

The Save Local Music Foundation is devoted to helping local music scenes recover and rebuild as quickly as possible post pandemic by developing media for promotion on the MusicScene network (musicscene.com). As a non-profit subsidiary of MusicScene, SaveLocalMusic will assist members with the costs of developing media appropriate for the promotion of creatives, venues, and events in Cities around the world on MusicScene.

About MusicScene

MusicScene is creating a content network with artist and venue ownership in a business co-operative model that values and promotes financial equity and cultural diversity for local creative economies. With cameras in 1000s of venues around the world, music will be streaming video, audio, and evene VR, live 24/7/365. Music fans will easily discover new musicians and venues, see what's playing live now, watch curated world tours, and participate in immersive media experiences.

The Mission

A major positive effect of promoting local music scenes will be a predictable increase in music tourism. SaveLocalMusic and MusicScene are contacting local and regional film and music offices as a focal point to identify and publish local resources while identifying candidate venues for assistance joining the network and a Virtual Tourism Plan designed to enhance actual music tourism to metropolitan areas.

SaveLocalMusic is currently funding the creation of 3D virtual tours for select venues to be featured on MusicScene. We prioritize venues with high historical importance in order to virtually preserve the wonderful venues that have brought so much joy to so many in our local communities over the years. All venues are eligible, so send an email now to info@savelocalmusic.org to schedule 3D scanning of your venue.

By capturing venues in 3D, we will help to preserve the legacy of our important local music venues for generations to come. This will allow visitors to get a feel for the venue as a virtual tour and will create a 3D model that can be used to create virtual reality experiences, allowing artists from anywhere in the world to perform on your virtual stage, creating new revenue potential without even hosting a live event. Similarly, revenues can be increase when a venue hosts a live event, that event can then be shared on other stages in the MusicScene network.

The music industry has changed forever. The full effect of the aftermath of the pandemic is still unknown, but it is certainly clear that the live music industry is feeling the worst of it. 1000s of venues, the primary creative outlets for local musicians. Many open for decades, others on the verge of opening, too many will close their doors forever. SaveLocalMusic and MusicScene are devoted to helping to accellerate recovery and amplify the healing power of music across local communities and around the world.

Contact  info@savelocalmusic.org for more info.