The mission is about helping local music venues survive the covid pandemic crisis. The music industry has changed forever. The full effect of the aftermath of the pandemic is still unknown, but it is certainly clear that the live music industry is feeling the worst of it. 1000s of venues, the primary creative outlets for local musicians, some open for decades and others not yet opened., will close their doors forever. wants to help some venues stay open through promotion and fund raising, and for those that can't manage to survive, we want to tell their stories in virtual reality so generations to come will at least get a feeling for what it was like to be there. For those that remain open, we plan to help produce virtual events with support for high quality audio, video, virtual reality and monetization.

We are currently funding the 3D capture of select venues to be featured on We will prioritize those venues that are most at risk in order to preserve the spaces that have brought so much joy to our local communities over the years. All venues are eligible, so send us an email at to schedule the 3D scanning of your venue as soon as you can to guarantee earliest participation.

By capturing venues in 3D, we will preserve the legacy of our music venues for generations to come. In conjunction with we are  developing technology to embed video and VR livestreams into these virtual spaces in the coming weeks and months. This will allow visitors to get a feel for how the venue feel as close to what it was like to be there. In the summer of 2020 we plan to introduce the ability to view archived video and live streamed content with an integrated payment platform to allow visitors to donate while visiting the space. In additiona we will source supporting donors for matching funds, and host premium live streams to raise additional funds. is a post-covid vision of the future. Where venues and musicians have ownership in a content network that will self-promote and generate revenue via live streams, with simulcast remote viewing of events in member venues, will be a aggregated media showcase for live music, amplifying the power and impact of music around tghe world