local music

Why Local Music?

Save Local Music Foundation was founded by MusicScene International as a Washington State non-profit corporation in the summer of 2020 with a mission to support local music. Our core belief is in Music as a universal healing energy that is core to human development. Music has helped humans develop language in all of the indigenous cultures of the world from where we are all descended. Music connects us globally, spiritually, across borders for thousands of years. Music brings us together in joy, transcending our differences, sharing our stories, promoting joy and healing emotional and physical pain.

It's time for Music to help the world heal, to focus on our shared values and collaborate to solve the problems we are all facing together; social inequity, climate change, pandemics, energy, war, food, water, overconsumption.

Save Local Music is committed to promoting education to local communities through promotion of local music. We will start by promoting the UN Sustainable Goals, please follow the link to learn more about how this amazing organization is helping the world heal and move forward in many positive ways.

UN Global Goals (external site)

Watch this site for more info and feel free to reach out via email to for more information or to participate in our global efforts. Thank you for visiting us today, please drop us a line and tell us your local music story.